Git Repos

Shell, Bash and More

Get your hands on Some of my best Shell, Bash, Python and more of my best scripts by checking out my github profile.

  • Configs:A Branch of a Code From A Friend. These configs add a Nice print out on your terminal and is very customizable. Every thing you need to simplify your linux administration duties

  • GitScripts: Gitscripts are based for easy administration usining network scanners, ssh and sshfs scripts and much more
  • These are a list of my scripts I have compiled to make things a little easier on my daily routine.

    • checks network for ips connected to local network
    • Github scripts - for those that use github to make it a little easier to update changes
    • ipscan - scan and find localization of a ip address
    • python - Is a dictionary attack type of script
    • sh - is all shell scripts.
    • Sshfs - is a script to mount a directory of a local computer home or away (May need more editing to fit your needs)
    • sync to directories for file duplication from one place to another.

  • This whole site your on now.
  • Mobile friendly page: Make easy mobile friendly menus (used in creating this site)
Forked Repo's
  • DotFiles: Have yet to contribute (I do plan on it in near future)
  • Mobile Menu Hamburger: Make easy mobile friendly menus (used in creating this iste)